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Want to Start a “Niche Pursuit” Together?


In 2023, I want to start more niche online businesses…but I have more ideas than I have time!

I’d love to partner with someone willing to hustle, innovate, and try new experiments online! Is that you?

I would fund the business and help offer ideas and consulting on how we should launch and grow the idea. You would execute on those ideas.

Why Am I Doing This?

Last year, I was laser-focused on growing NichePursuits.com and LinkWhisper.com.

I did my best NOT to start any new businesses. As a result, both of these businesses say tremendous growth!

I mean, look at the traffic increase for NichePursuits.com!

So, why would I take my focus of these businesses if they are growing so much?

Well, I’ve made a couple of key hires to help me run the operations of both Niche Pursuits and Link Whisper.

As a result, I have a little more time.

I will continue to focus on my core businesses; however, I LOVE trying new experiments and ideas!

As a result, I want to start a couple of side hustles.

But, I don’t want to do it alone.

Wouldn’t it be fun to partner together and try out a new niche pursuit?

How Would it Work?

In a nutshell, I’d invest and fund the business and YOU would hustle and run the business.

We would hop on a call or two to discuss the idea and lay out a strategic plan to launch the business.

I would then fund it.

You would then run it.

We would hop on periodic calls, where I’d offer additional consulting and any other ideas I see to help the business.

We would then split the profits (exact ownership % to be determined).

I suspect that many of these “Niche Pursuits” will only last a few minutes as perhaps its a quick website flip or something else that only last 90 days. However, some of these ideas could definitely be more long term.

Again, Why Are You Doing This?

Glad you asked! There is one other reason besides just scratching my shiny object syndrome itch.

I think this will make GREAT content for NichePursuits.com!

As we build these businesses together, I want to document the process on social media, YouTube, and my blog.

I mean, what’s the point of NichePursuits.com if I’m not running any new “Niche Pursuits”?

So, if you are interested in partnering, I’d simply ask that you also be willing to share the results with the Niche Pursuits audience.

Want to Start a Niche Pursuit Together? Apply Here

Now that you have some background, go ahead and apply below!

I plan to select several people.

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