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Taboola and ClickBank Are Now Partners: Promote Compliant ClickBank Offers with Native Ads!


We have some exciting news: Taboola and ClickBank are partners!

What does this mean for you? Thanks to this exciting new partnership, our affiliates can promote quality ClickBank offers in compliance with Taboola’s native advertising standards.

In this post, we lay out all the details about our partnership and how you can start running profitable native ads campaigns with ClickBank and Taboola.

[Or click to see all of the Taboola-compliant offers on ClickBank!]

Why ClickBank and Taboola?

This brand-new partnership opens up a lot of opportunities for ClickBank affiliates and offer owners who want to tap into the power of native advertising to grow their businesses.

We’re working together with Taboola and ClickBank offer owners to help streamline the process of getting approved landing pages and offers on Taboola.

This partnership provides a new traffic channel for affiliates on ClickBank and makes some of the highest-converting (and paying) affiliate offers available to Taboola media buyers on both sides!

Introducing Taboola

For those who don’t know, Taboola is a popular web advertising company with a massive native advertising network and content discovery engine. Native ads through Taboola typically appear on blogs and websites – imagine being able to get your ads in front of an audience reading content on MSN, USA Today, Bloomberg, and thousands more!

Ultimately, this is a great partnership for all involved, as ClickBank has a community of talented media buyers looking to find new ways to promote affiliate offers, and Taboola has a powerful native advertising network ready for them to leverage for greater success!

The New Taboola-Compliant ClickBank Offers

We’ve seen real movement toward native ads for a long time, including in our 2022 traffic trends report.

The momentum has come ever since Apple’s iOS 14 update – Facebook Ads are no longer the powerhouse they used to be, so if you’re ready to branch out and try your hand at native ads, we’ve got you covered!

At the time of this announcement, we already have 6 popular ClickBank offers with new Taboola-compliant landers that you can point traffic to right now! They also come with creatives that you can easily run with on Taboola.

Click here to see the full list of Taboola-compliant ClickBank offers you’re able to promote with native today.

Next Steps for Working With Taboola and ClickBank

We’re so excited about this partnership and the future of native advertising for ClickBank products. Best of all, the list of compliant offers is only going to grow over the next year and beyond!

There’s truly never been a better time to become a native ad buyer. Thanks to this partnership between ClickBank and Taboola, any affiliate can run native ads without worrying about compliance issues.

All you have to do is create a Taboola account!

>> Sign up at Taboola here to get started running native ads!

For sellers who want to make Taboola native advertising available to your affiliates, we’re here to help! Simply contact us below with your request and we’ll reach out to you with next steps.

Lastly, keep an eye out for educational content in the coming months to help you make the most of this exciting new opportunity! We can’t wait to see how you utilize Taboola ads to find greater success.

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