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The Motion Invest Story After 3 Years


Almost 3 years ago, my partners and I launched Motion Invest, a marketplace to buy and sell websites.

We envisioned Motion Invest as a place where we would vet all listed sites to ensure that certain types of sites were never listed and that all potential issues were disclosed in the listing.

In general, we have captured that vision over the past 3 years as Motion Invest has continued to grow.

Today, I want to share a few statistics on how Motion Invest is doing and announce a slight change to how our pricing works for listing sites.

The 2 big updates?

Well, Motion Invest has a new web design!

Second, we are lowering our commission rates. And in particular, if you have a site over $100k, the new rates become even more attractive.

A Few Motion Invest Statistics

Looking back, it’s pretty incredible that we’ve gone from idea to selling hundreds of websites in the past few years.

Each week we are listing new sites, with a major focus on content sites that are targeting SEO traffic.

Here’s a few stats that you might find interesting.

  • Average multiple: 35x
  • Average length to sell: 12 days
  • Success Rate: 97%
  • Total sites sold: 718

So, how much can you expect to sell your site for on Motion Invest? Well, over the past 3 years, the average multiple has been a 35x monthly earnings (roughly 3x annual).

The average length of time it takes to sell a site on Motion Invest is just 12 days! For smaller sites, it’s a bit faster, and for larger sites, it’s a bit longer.

Of all the sites that get listed on Motion Invest, a whopping 97% of them get sold!

We attribute this to our pre-vetting sites. We only list sites that our team has vetted and verified. So, we still turn away many sites that can’t verify income or have other issues with their sites.

Finally, since inception, we have successfully sold 718 sites!

Multiples and Average Selling Time

This chart details how long it took to sell a site and the average multiple sites sold for based on the size of the site.

So, if you are selling a small content site for $5k to $100k, you can expect it to sell within 7 to 18 days on average.

However, if you are selling a site for $500k to $1 million, you can expect it to take between 30 to 37 days to sell on the Motion Invest marketplace.

In general, you can see that smaller sites tend to sell at higher multiples. This is likely because a small change in the actual dollar amount offered on a $5k site sold impacts the multiple significantly more than a site over $100k.

While the overall average multiple of sites sold is 35x monthly earnings, the range is anywhere from 30 to 43x monthly earnings, depending on the size of the site.

A Change to the Motion Invest Commission Structure

While we are pleased with selling over 700 sites in the past 3 years, we think we can do even better going forward.

Today, I’m happy to announce that we are lowering our commissions! We will have permanently have lower commission rates going forward. In addition, we will have a special promo rate that is even lower.

Here’s the new permanent rates and the special commission rate for this month only.

New Motion Invest Lower Rates

Special Promo Rates for October Only

As you can see, the new commission rate gets more attractive the larger the site.

If you do some research, you will see that a commission rate of 5 to 7% is significantly lower than other brokers.

So, if you are selling a site in the $100k to $500k range, the Motion Invest broker fee is just 7% (less than half of what we used to charge!).

On the other hand, Empire Flippers charges 15% for sites sold in this range. Other brokers are in a similar range.

Let’s take a look at an example of someone selling a site for $250,000. Here are the fees charged at various brokers:

  • Empire Flippers (15%) – $37,500
  • Quiet Light Brokerage (10%) – $25,000
  • FEinternational (15%) – $37,500
  • Motion Invest (7%) – $17,500

If you list your site during the month of October, the brokerage fee is even smaller. Just 5.25%. So, the total commissions from selling your site would be just $13,125.

A New Web Design!

How can we “afford” to offer commission rates so low?

First, we’ve built a really efficient process and team. Second, we exclusively focus on content sites targeting SEO traffic. As a result, we’ve REALLY been able to train our team and streamline our process even more than other brokers.

In a further effort to make the site listing and selling process even more efficient and effective, I’m happy to announce a new web design!

This new design includes TONS of backend functionality that will make it easier for both you and our team to get sites prepared for listing.

However, you will also find that the new web includes other features on the front end that make it easier to use and ultimately makes it easier for you to find and acquire sites.

The Next 3 Years?

So, what will the next three years bring for Motion Invest?

Well, hopefully, Motion Invest will continue to establish itself as the most efficient place to buy and sell content sites online.

We’ve made several tweaks to Motion Invest as we’ve grown the business. However, after selling over 700 sites, I’d say that we have definitely found our product market fit.

Next up? More growth!

We truly hope the new web design and lower commission rates will accelerate the growth and truly make it faster, easier, and more reliable for you to buy and sell content sites.

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