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Multiple Income Funnel 2022 [Legit Or An MLM Get-Rich-Quick Scheme?]


There are lots of these get-rich-quick schemes online and you gotta mind your Ps and Qs. In an effort to make money online (MMO), some people can pay boatloads of cash for a program with the promise of getting their payment back tenfold.

However, it usually ends up with the program owner leaving without a trace, much to the dismay of people who trusted the system.

This post will look at a potential get-rich-quick scheme in the Multiple Income Funnel. From here, you can decide if this is something you can sink your teeth into as a potential passive income source or whether you should avoid it at all costs.

What is Multiple Income Funnel?

The Multiple Income Funnel system is a high-ticket program that claims to helps people make tons of money on autopilot. Upon signing up, you receive a “done for you” system that lets you earn affiliate commissions for every successful sale from various schemes.

All you must do at this point is to drive traffic to the landing page provided for you and get more people to sign up for it.

I.e., a classic MLM/pyramid scheme.

Who is the Creator of the Multiple Income Funnel?

Mack Mills is the creator and founder of Multiple Income Funnel. According to his website, he’s a serial entrepreneur and one of the top affiliate marketers in the world with an eight-figure online income.

Aside from this, not much is known about Mack Mills simply because there isn’t much information available. For instance, his YouTube channel only has one published video despite having 6.23k subscribers.

Is Multiple Income Funnel a Legit Business?

Let’s get it out of the way:

Multiple Income Funnel is a multi-level marketing (MLM) business.

The idea is for someone to recruit you as a program member. From here, you need to sponsor new recruits, enabling you to earn commissions for every recruit. And to maximize your earnings in the programs, your recruits should also sponsor new recruits into the program.

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As an MLM, the Multiple Income Funnel requires you to have a sponsor before you can sign up for the program.

This explains why you can’t find any information about the program if you search Google. The Multiple Income Funnel website even redirects you to the landing page.

The only way you’ll learn about the program is on YouTube and other social channels.

Search for “multiple income funnel,” and you’ll find videos telling you how much money they made with the system.

Click on videos that speak glowingly of the Multiple Income Funnel and click on the link to the sign-up page in the description.

The channel owner of the video whose link you clicked on is most likely your sponsor. Once you sign up, the sponsor will earn money. And your sponsor will continue earning money as you and your recruits continue onboarding new members to the program.

Despite being a legitimate business, MLM, in general, has gotten a bad rap through the years. This is no thanks to the pyramid and Ponzi schemes that make outrageous promises to recruits from investments that don’t exist.

Knowing all this, we still need to determine if the program is a legitimate business or a scam. Consider this post as a Multiple Income Funnel review as well since we’ll discuss how the program works and can make you money.

Signing Up for the Multiple Income Funnel

As mentioned, you must find sponsors promoting the Multiple Income Funnel on their videos and socials.

One of the most popular promoters of the program is Paolo Beringuel. He has published many videos detailing his earnings from the program and how viewers can do the same.

In his video description, you can see a link to the program. Click on it to learn more about the program before signing up.

(Remember that by signing up using Paolo’s link, he has the potential to earn a commission from the money you paid.)

The page shows a video and nothing else. You must then enter your name and email address to be able to view the video.

From there, the page shows testimonials to the program and an asking price of $47/month to gain access to the system.

To sign up, you must pay via credit card to process your registration.

Setting Up Your System

Upon signing up and paying $47, you’ll get access to its dashboard.

Follow the step-by-step onboarding process to get your system up and running.

Also, sign up for its private Facebook group to get to know members of the system and learn tips on how to get the most out of your membership.

You can also check out the landing pages you can promote by clicking on Links from the menu.

Choose which landing pages you wish to promote online.

All the pages promote the same thing, which is the Multiple Income Funnel.

What makes each page different is its design and layout.

How Much Can You Earn from Multiple Income Funnel?

For every recruit you sponsor or the person who signed up from your landing page, you get a $20 payout monthly (minus $2 reserve).

If your recruit signs up for an annual subscription, you can earn $200. This allows you to receive a much bigger upfront payout without the reserve fees.


You can only make this amount if your recruits (i.e., people who signed up for the program from your page) get recruits of their own.

That means you don’t make money from every recruit you invite—the commission from your recruits goes to your sponsor!

So, you need to recruit good salespeople who can convince others to join the program for you to make money off this program.

Multiple Income Funnel’s Streams

You’re probably thinking that $20/month or even $200/year isn’t a lot. This is considering you have to constantly promote the page to get people to sign up before earning your commissions.

This is why the program is called Mutiple Income Funnel—there are other ways to earn from it!

In fact, there are three additional income streams to help you generate more visitors to your landing pages and convert them into commission sales:

  • E1U Life
  • Textbot
  • Traffic Authority

These income streams work both ways. You can sell them to earn commissions or purchase them to help you supercharge your sales funnel.

But here’s the kicker: you have to pay for each to get access and earn from them!

I’ll explain this more as we discuss how you can earn from each stream. For now, let’s proceed talking about the first income stream in the list above:

E1U Life

E1U Life enables you to supercharge your efforts of promoting Multiple Income Funnel to people.

Signing up for any of its packages will give you access to sales funnels, templates, and marketing materials. You can use these in your campaigns to attract more visitors and sign-ups to your page.

Below are the different packages for you to choose from:

  • Elevation Basic ($30) – Custom opt-in page with 49 personal development training materials
  • Elevation Elite ($110) – Elevation Basic + custom social media pack with 27 physical development training materials
  • Vertex ($275) – Elevation Elite + custom email templates with 42 traffic generation training materials
  • Vertex Elite ($550) – Vertex + Custom logo with 36 social media training materials
  • Vertex Pro Connect ($1,100) – Vertex Elite + Custom multi-page funnel with 37 digital marketing training materials
  • Vertex Live ($2,500) – Vertex Pro Connect + Custom Website with 22 live and recorded training materials

How Much Can You Earn from E1U Life?

Sponsors can earn between $25 and $2,000 per recruit, depending on the package they purchased.

Textbot Ai

Textbot.ai is an Automated Virtual Assistant (AVA) that answers your incoming calls via SMS. It leverages AI to convert voice messages left by callers into text messages.

You can also use AVA to collect payments and schedule appointments to help put your business on autopilot. You can even use the platform to answer common questions if you’re running a customer support service.

The AVA BASIC is available for $100/year with one (1) bot, 500 contacts, and an additional $0.02/message charge. If you don’t want to pay per message, encourage people to sign up for its AVA+ package of $1,000/year. This gives them 20 bots they can use across their businesses.

How Much Can You Earn from Textbot.ai?

Resellers can earn $10/month or $100/year for every purchase of the AVA BASIC annd $50/month or $500/year for AVA+ buyers.

Traffic Authority

Traffic Authority is a Multiple Income Funnel stream that allows you to generate traffic to your landing page on autopilot.

Using this stream enables you to get more eyeballs to your landing page and convert them into members. This allows you to earn commission sales in the process.

Traffic Authority includes the following services, one of which requires additional payment:

  • Traffic Store – Receive premium traffic within the first 7-14 days upon placing your order that delivers results.
  • Traffic Optimizer – Customize your landing pages, split-test different landing page variants, and create interstitials like popups and exit pages. All these help increase your page’s conversion rate so you can maximize your earnings.
  • Traffic Academy – Receive training from traffic experts so you can generate sustainable traffic to your landing pages on your own.
  • List Leverage – Know what it takes to build an email list ready to sign up for your landing page. This program requires you to pay for a monthly ($49) or annual ($398) membership. There are also three upgrades you can sign up for: Pages ($97), Swipes ($247), and Webinars ($497). All are one-time payments and help speed up your list building learning.

As an aside, Traffic Authority claims that it brings “100% USA and Canada based” to your pages. However, what matters is the quality of traffic the service should bring. So, the visitors your page may receive are bots, not humans.

Traffic Authority can qualify visitors as clicks, which refer to the number of clicks your page received. However, it isn’t explicitly stated where the traffic is coming from.

How Much Can You Earn from Traffic Authority?

Below is the breakdown of the different Traffic Authority plans and the potential commissions you can get for each sale:

  • Basic Package ($220 USD for 170-190 clicks ) – $100 commission
  • Bronze Package ($440 USD for 340-380 clicks) – $200
  • Silver Package ($660 USD for 510-570 clicks) – $300
  • Gold Package ($1,097 USD for 850-950 clicks) – $500
  • Platinum Package ($2,197 USD for 1,700-1,900 clicks) – $1,000
  • Titanium Package ($4,297 USD for 3,400-3,800 clicks) – $2,000
  • Diamond Package ($8,397 USD for 8,100-8,400 clicks) – $4,000

To purchase any of the plans, create a free account first and click on Resellers on the menu. You must pay $20/month to become eligible to receive commissions from this stream once you start converting your traffic.

Remember that you must purchase the package you want to earn commissions from first. For example, you can only earn $4,000 per sale of the Diamond Package if you paid $8,397 for it first.

Bonus Income Streams

Other bonus income streams include the following:

  • My Lead Gen Secrets – Fetches you 100 leads daily (300/month) for $30/month and $30 for the setup fee. For every person who joins your program, you receive a $5 commission.
  • Scalability Pro – Essentially a 1-year Diamond-Qualified subscription for Traffic Authority. It also includes additional learning materials and resources for a one-time payment of $997.
  • Crypto U
  • Fast Lane Affiliate System
  • B-Eco – Fuel tabs with fuel maximizer technology help your vehicle reduce fuel consumption and increase mileage.
  • Power Lead System – An all-in-one marketing platform with photos, videos, and lead pages you can use for your sales funnels.

MLM vs. Affiliate Marketing

The Multiple Income Funnel works as an MLM and affiliate marketing business.

You make money by recruiting new members and getting those recruits to invite new members to the program (MLM).

You can make even more money by referring recruits to purchase the different income streams available within the system. How much you can earn depends on the package they purchase. Generally, the more expensive the package, the higher the commission (affiliate marketing).


However, the program leans more towards the MLM business because you have to join the program first before you can promote and earn from it.

Affiliate Marketing vs MLM - What's The Difference? affiliate mlm software

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This is unlike the affiliate marketing business model, which has zero barrier of entry and lets affiliates promote products for profit without paying for anything.

To be fair, some affiliate programs have standards you have to meet before they approve your application. But you still don’t have to put out any money to join, unlike an MLM business.

More importantly, affiliate marketing allows you to sell tangible products that bring value to your target audience.

The same can’t be said with most pyramid schemes, and we’ll find out in a bit if the Multiple Funnel Income qualifies as a scam on not.

This is important to point out because the Multiple Income Funnel presents itself as an affiliate marketing program when, at its very core, it’s not.

So, if you’re interested in legitimate affiliate marketing courses you can join, keep reading until the end.

So, Is Multiple Income Funnel a Scam?

Many people are pulling the “Multiple Income Funnel scam” card on the program. In some ways, it’s easy to see why based on what we’ve discussed above.

But before we jump the gun and make big claims, let’s ask a few questions about the system and see if it’s a legitimate way to make money online or it’s a quick cash-grab scheme:

Is There an Actual Product Being Sold?

For what it is, the Multiple Income Funnel is neither a product nor a service.

Its sales video discusses how you can earn money without working the entire time. But it doesn’t dive into specifics on how the program will help you do this. All it tells you is to promote the program to other people to make money.

In this case, you are simply promoting a lifestyle of making tons of passive income, which, again, is not a product or a service.

Are the Products and Services Sold Low-Quality?

One could argue that Textbot.ai, one of its main income streams, is a product that could bring value to people looking for automated messaging software for their business.

B-Eco is another product you can sell under the Multiple Income Funnel program.

Therefore, the Multiple Income Funnel couldn’t be a scam by default.

However, consider the other streams sold in the system and their quality.

E1U Life helps you create marketing materials to earn commissions from every successful recruit you invite. But for a fraction of $2,500, you could create your own sales funnel, landing pages, web copy, and emails if you do the work.

The same goes for Traffic Authority. By learning how SEO and paid ads work, you can attract genuine traffic to your landing pages, which is more than you can say about the “clicks” you can get from TA’s packages.

These high-ticket items create the perception of value but are available at a lower cost—if not free—if people bother researching for them properly.

Does the Program have Communication Issues?

This is arguably my biggest gripe about the Multiple Income Funnel—there’s no information online about the program if you search it on Google.

You can attest to a program’s legitimacy based on what it says on the website. In this case, Multiple Income Funnel doesn’t have anything to show for it.

To be fair, you can find many YouTube videos from sponsors promoting the system. But they are all geared towards getting you to join Multiple Income Funnel and not necessarily to provide you with valuable information about it.

There’s also no information about Mack Mills on the website about the system.

If founders are confident about a program’s ability to help people make money, they’ll have their faces plastered all over the website and promote it on social media. That’s not the case here.

Does the Program Require You to Purchase Premium Training or Membership?

Yes and no.

Yes, because signing up for the highest E1U Life and Traffic Authority packages allow you to promote these high-ticket items.

As mentioned, you have to purchase the different income streams to make the Multiple Income Funnel work in your favor. It’s easier said than done because you have to shell out thousands of dollars before you can start making reasonable amounts of money from the programs.

No, because the additional income streams in the Multiple Income Funnel are optional.

You can still make money by promoting the program itself, but you’ll lose out on big payouts without joining any of the streams.

This is a double-edged sword you must consider seriously when joining this program.

Multiple Income Funnel Alternatives

We’ve looked at MLM through the lenses of the Multiple Income Funnel, which, to be completely honest, won’t strike anyone as a legitimate and feasible way to make money online.

Its flagship product isn’t really a “product.” Plus, it has lackluster leadership and communication along with a complex payment scheme (i.e., you need your recruits to get new members before you can make money which makes promoting this product to people a hard sell)

I’m not saying you can’t make money off the program. But you’re better off looking for more trustworthy programs with clear information about what they’re all about and how you can make money from them.

In that case, below are some of the best in the business, most of which run under the affiliate marketing method:

The Authority Site System 3.0

The Authority Site System (TASS) 3.0 is one of the premier courses that teach people how to make an authoritative website that will generate lots of income over time.

It holds your hands through the entire process of brainstorming niche ideas to creating content promoting products from relevant affiliate programs.

The course is created and maintained by Gael Breton and Mark Webster, also known as the guys behind Authority Hacker.

Their years of expertise and proven methods allowed thousands of members to achieve profitability with the sites they’ve created under this program.

From here, people can join the Authority Hacker PRO, a membership program containing more advanced training materials to help them scale their site’s earnings.

Learn more about The Authority Site System in our review here.

The Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is another excellent online course for creating an authoritative and profitable niche site via affiliate marketing.

Matt Diggity, director of The Search Initiative, owns the program. And his expertise in the SEO space shines through its modules and lessons.

He teaches students how to create a website that makes money in their sleep using tried-and-true SEO tactics and even selling it as an exit strategy.

Matt enlisted help from some of the best minds in the industry to cover other topics such as content scaling (Kevin Meng), topical authority (Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR), and others.

This ensures that members get the best information possible to help get their website off the ground in the best way possible.

The course costs $997 (one-time payment) or $597 split into two payments. Or you can purchase courses with $200 off if you click here.

Sign Up Here

Income School’s Project 24

Income School is one of the most popular YouTube channels on how to build an online business that makes money. Ricky Kesler and his team teach viewers blogging and SEO tactics to help them take action with their ideas.

But it’s the Project 24 Course where Income School goes to work. The program is based on a blogging system (from topic selection to site monetization) that its team uses to build and grow profitable websites.

Other resources, such as building an audience with your YouTube channel, developing info products you can sell on the site, and others, are included in this program.

To help expedite building your website, there are live virtual masterminds you can participate in and members-only podcasts you can listen to from member experiences and current trends.

The active community filled with helpful program members makes Project 24 a must-buy.

Learn more in our Income School review here.

Fat Stacks Bundle

The Fat Stacks Bundle takes a different approach to building niche sites that make money.

Instead of depending on affiliate marketing sales, course creator Jon Dykstra breaks the bank (approximately $60,000 a month) via display ads.

Basically, the course teaches you how to create content that ranks on Google to help you generate lots of traffic. From here, you will earn money based on the number of clicks or impressions the display ads on your site receives.

Even if you have no idea how this works, Jon offers a comprehensive course with different modules and lessons tackling web creation and setting up your display ads.

Also, he takes a spray-and-spray approach to content creation. He has a team of writers creating content for his sites as he focuses on researching the best keywords and topics to assign to each.

Learn more in our full Fat Stacks Bundle review here.

While you can still learn a lot from this course as a solopreneur and if you plan on writing the content yourself ($499 for the first year and $47 in the succeeding years), but the course is perfect if you have funds to allocate for your writing team.

Sign Up Here

Passive Income Geek

Passive Income Geek is a straightforward yet effective course that opens the floodgates of affiliate marketing and site monetization for you.

Its course owner, Morten Storgaard, has been doing this since 2007 and has a proven blueprint of tactics and strategies to help get your website off the ground.

The entire course allows you to build a website with Morten using various marketing techniques in video format, worth 15 hours.

Is the Multiple Income Funnel Worth It?

On the surface, the Multiple Income Funnel is an interesting and lucrative way to make money online.

However, looking under the hood and its inner workings, the program shows its true colors. And they’re not pretty.

As an MLM, the Multiple Income Funnel requires you to invite as many recruits as possible, who then have to invite their own recruits before you start making any substantial money.

This is easier said than done, especially since the program itself has no tangible product or service you can sell (save for one or two that primarily serve as additional income streams).

As a member, you’re merely selling the idea of profitability and passive income from a product that offers no real practical value to anyone.

Things turn for the worse when the program encourages you to buy traffic that you will funnel to your landing page. For one, you can’t see for yourself if the traffic or “clicks” you’re getting from your pages are legitimate or not.

You just have to put your blind faith in the program, hoping that something good comes from the money you put in.

But the lack of information about the program and the creator makes it even more difficult for people to trust this program.

Ultimately, there’s a tiny chance you can make money from the Multiple Income Funnel. But given the investment you have to pour into it, you’re better off signing up for other proven affiliate marketing courses online.

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