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11 Gorgeous Free & Paid Templates You’ll Love in 2022


Carrd is a website hosting service that enables you to develop basic one-page sites. Carrd templates are fully responsive, customizable, and an excellent way to get going with a free website.

The profile and portfolio themes are ideal for creating a personal website to showcase your projects, abilities, and accomplishments. They’re excellent in any professional setting, but they can also be a useful inspiration for your sites.

The Carrd themes are divided into five categories:

  • Profile
  • Landing
  • Form
  • Portfolio
  • Sectioned

Since Carrd can be used for many different purposes, you’ll probably want to save time and look at various Carrd templates rather than building your own. Here, we’ll look at 11 Carrd themes (and templates) to briefly discuss their features and what they’re best for.

Our Selection of 11 Free and Paid Templates

Out of the 100 Carrd templates on offer, some are free to use while others require a Pro subscription, which means the higher-tier price options. Nevertheless, Carrd is well-known for being extremely economical. Thus “higher-tier” implies $19/year for the Pro Standard plan or $49/year for the Pro Plus plan.

Free Templates

Here are four free templates you can try.

  1. Online Portfolio Carrd Template
  2. Online Profile Carrd Template
  3. Agency or Freelancer Carrd Template
  4. Startup Landing Page Carrd template

These templates don’t require a paid account to use. However, if you ever need to develop more than three Carrd websites, the Pro plan is an excellent deal. Here’s the TL;DR summary.

  • Prices begin at $9/year (cheapest website builder)
  • A maximum of 500 websites (customizable paid plan)
  • Your own custom domain
  • Access to Pro templates provided by the Carrd founder himself
  • Individualized styling and tracking codes
  • Average monthly cost: $0.75 – $1.80

Now let’s get into the four free templates from the Carrd free plan we have selected to showcase.

Online Portfolio Carrd Template

You’ll open to a blank canvas (so to speak.)

Love & Purpose template without image

Then you can begin. You can add your image and change the text and colors. I just added a random image here to show you how to start.

Love & Purpose template with image

The Online Portfolio Carrd template was designed for creative graphic designers, artists, and photographers. The simple template allows them to present their work on a clean, one-page website.

The artwork image is the most significant part of this template. To optimize the aesthetic effect of your portfolio, you must be sure to edit your picture before posting.

Online Profile Carrd Template

Designer Stylist Nomad template

Carrd’s Online Profile Template is perfect for a personal bio or directory. This is a simple template, and it’s also to the point. It’s tidy, clean, and uncluttered. The symbols, like the text, are large and easily visible. It has the potential to say a lot in a short amount of time.

Furthermore, because of the simple design, it is quick to customize. You can easily design your fantastic profile site.

Your online profile is where people can find you and your work on the following:

  • Social media
  • Personal website
  • Blog
  • Newsletter
  • Medium publications
  • And so on

Agency or Freelancer Carrd Template

Content Marketing that Drives Conversations template

The Agency Carrd template was designed for service organizations. These include agencies, freelancers, and consultants. The Agency template has multiple sections. It’s excellent for showcasing your case studies and persuading potential clients to sign up as leads.

Startup Landing Page Carrd Template

A startup landing page is a specialized, standalone web page. It’s designed for specific campaigns and target demographics. However, a landing page frequently doubles as the homepage for early-stage businesses with limited finances and resources.

Startup template before editing

This Startup Landing Page Carrd Template was specifically designed for new enterprises. It’s used as a marketing landing page to showcase their products and services. A header section, features (or unique selling point), and a pricing section are all included in the template.

Startup template after editing

  1. Archen – Purple Carrd Template
  2. Waitlist Landing Page Carrd template
  3. Course Template – Dark Mode
  4. SaaS Website Carrd template
  5. MakerTalks Podcast Template
  6. Bynard Product Carrd Template
  7. Therapist Carrd Template

Archen – Purple Carrd Template

Archen Purple template

This stunning yet straightforward Pro template is best for products and SaaS (Software as a Service). You have complete design customization with this one and the whole thing is simple and responsive.

This template is only available on a paid Carrd subscription. Due to its use of Google Analytics, Archen – Purple Carrd Template requires Carrd Pro Standard ($19/year) or Pro Plus ($49/year.)

Waitlist Landing Page Carrd template

A waitlist landing page is where your target audience can input their email addresses. And you can then add them to your waiting list. Users will receive email notifications when they can see your offer after signing up to join the waitlist.

You could, for example, establish a waitlist page for:

  • New goods or services
  • Early discount access
  • Software beta testing
  • Conferences and events
  • Openings of physical stores
Buy Now, Pay Later template

You can get this Archen – Waitlist Carrd Template via your Carrd Pro Lite Plan.

Course Template – Dark Mode

Dark Mode is a reverse of the traditional white UI used by graphic designers for ages. Developers noted that dark theme interfaces help with eye strain, especially in low light or at nighttime. Less eye strain means fewer headaches and a more enjoyable work environment. This is particularly relevant in response to our increased screen time.

Your Course in Dark Mode template

The Course Template – Dark Mode is simple and stylish. It’s perfect to showcase your online course. To use this Carrd template, you’ll need Carrd Pro Plus. This is because of its use of over 50 elements. These include Custom Meta Tags, Redirects, Advanced Settings, Forms, and Advanced Forms.

SaaS Website Carrd template

SaaS scale your tech template

This SaaS Website Carrd Template was created with eCommerce in mind. It is best suited for SaaS and product websites. Plus, you can use it for lead capture, email collection, calls to action, social media links, etc.

You get a simple and responsive design that is fully customizable. It offers two different sections for product details and one to display client logos. It also has a well-designed booking form template.

This paid template has over 50 Elements, Forms, Advanced Forms, and Advanced Settings, so you’ll need Carrd Pro Plus to be able to use this Carrd template.

MakerTalks Podcast Template

A podcast doesn’t have to have a completely dynamic website. But it does need an internet presence for people to find the program and this MakerTalks Podcast Template is ideal for that purpose.

A Podcast for makers by makers template

The Carrd template includes everything you need to promote your podcast on the various channels consumers use. These include:

  • Your show’s title, artwork, and description
  • Buttons to subscribe
  • Social media buttons
  • Sign up form for your mailing list
  • An episodes playlist
  • Your bio and headshot
  • Contact details

As you scroll down, there is some subtle fading in elements to give it a professional feel. Animations enhance the template’s interest and engagement. You’ll need a paid Carrd subscription – the Pro plan – to access this Carrd template.

Bynard Product Carrd Template

Bynard Next-gen Product template

This new and stylish Bynard Product Carrd Template is ideal if you need a product website template. It has all of the different sections and elements necessary. A feature box section with icons, defined borders, and animated CTA buttons directs viewers to essential areas. It also comes with neatly presented Prices and FAQ sections.

You need Carrd Pro Plus to use this Carrd template. This is due to its use of more than 50 Elements and Advanced Settings.

Therapist Carrd Template

This is one of the top Carrd templates for services provided. Even though the design is based on a therapist, you can easily modify it to suit another type of service.

Therapist template

The Therapist Carrd Template is one of Carrd’s most interactive templates. It is a multi-purpose template with over 50 features, including forms and complex booking collections on the same page and a ton of CTA buttons direct the user to various parts and information.

This Carrd template requires Carrd Pro Plus due to its use of multiple Elements, Forms, Advanced Forms, and Advanced Settings.

Best Invention Ever – Templates for Websites

Templated websites are an excellent choice for bloggers, sole proprietors, small enterprises, and startups short on time and money.

Here are a few reasons why a template is the better option.

You’re Running Out of Time

Building a new website might take several months due to the design, coding, and content gathering. A template simplifies the process by eliminating the need for lengthy design or coding. All you’ll have to do is add your awesome content. This means you’ll be able to publish your updated website much sooner.

You’re On a Tight Budget

While templates can be pricy, they are a fraction of the cost of employing a web development team or graphic designer to build a brand-new site. The pre-made template will be more cost-effective.

Your Website Will Be Minimal and Straightforward

If you want to establish a website without all those bells and whistles, a template will provide you with all you need in a new site. This is also the place to go if you don’t have a lot of pages or material.

You Have No Idea How To Code

Nobody on your team understands HTML or CSS? No worries. There’s no need to engage a developer to create simple site pages when you may find them ready to use. With a template, all of the code is already in place. So you won’t have to try to understand, write, or change a language you’re unfamiliar with.

In fact, it’s best never to touch the CSS code at all. Bad things happen when novice users attempt to fix something.

Final Thoughts: Carrd Templates

Carrd templates serve as the foundation for how your site will appear. There are tons of editing choices for colors, backgrounds, and element placement. You can always create something unique.

There are essential undo and redo options and desktop and mobile view buttons. These help you to see how your site will look live without committing yourself.

The magic happens on the Carrd dashboard. Everything is simple and tidy, and the labeling and icons make it easy for beginners to pick up and play immediately. You’ll get a list of your Carrd templates and a quick option to start establishing one when you log in. In addition, there are icons for your profile, notifications, and support.

As we discuss in our Carrd review, the editor allows you to add new containers (or different sections) and any other element you choose. In the free version, you may add text, images, videos, lists, buttons, links, audio, icons, galleries, tables, timers, and dividers. If you upgrade to Carrd Pro, you can also insert slideshows, forms, and widgets and embed additional code.

Sign in to your Carrd account, and you’ll unlock the extra magic!

But, many of Carrd’s templates were only available in the Card Pro version and they’re not the most imaginative available. On the other hand, Carrd pricing is pretty reasonable. Try the free templates available on the Carrd site to get used to using pre-designed elements. You can build your one-page website really fast. Then check out other options on the net.

Still need some help? Take a look at 14 inspirational personal website examples to help you create yours.

Have fun building your new website!

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