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13 Popular Calendly Alternatives to Streamline Your Business in 2022


Platforms like Calendly are a great way to schedule meetings efficiently—whether it’s one-on-one meetings with your team members or a discovery meeting with a potential client. Although Calendly is a popular option, it does have some limitations in what it offers. Here are 13 Calendly alternatives that can help you schedule appointments and manage your time efficiently.

1 – Setmore

Setmore - One of the best Calendly alternatives

Setmore is a free app that allows you to accept online bookings, take payments, set reminders, and more. This scheduling app offers a simple, easy-to-navigate user interface without any unnecessary clutter or complications.

There are a few things to learn, but the app itself makes self-training simple to achieve.

Setmore also has a chat facility built into the app which enables you to easily chat with a member of their team if you are having any issues. A library of documentation for reference is also available if you would prefer to learn off the job.

The pricing structure is competitive with cost-saving plans that offer reduced costs per staff member as the size of your workforce increases.

Setmore Pros and Cons


  • Can be customized per industry
  • Easy-to-use interface & mobile app
  • Helps you manage online reviews
  • Offers a wide range of integrations
  • Deal with staff scheduling and workflow


  • Doesn’t have many analytic features
  • Only allows payments via Stripe and/or Square

Setmore is one of the best Calendly alternatives for sales teams and businesses providing services to their customers.


Paid plans start at just $5 per user per month. Setmore also offers a free plan for up to 4 users. This has loads of great features including social media and CRM integrations. 

Try Setmore Here Free

2 – Trafft

Trafft Homepage screenshot - One of the best Calendly alternatives

Trafft is a smart appointment scheduling tool with a number of handy features that would work for people in a range of industries.  However, it’s most popular with those in customer-facing industries such as salons, gyms, and even the medical profession.

This Calendly alternative is well-liked because it offers handy features such as automated scheduling and the opportunity to sync it with your other calendars. This is great for those that want to be super organized.

It also has great facilities for arranging recurring appointments (something that Calendly lacks currently). It will even send out automated confirmation and reminder messages.

Trafft Pros and Cons


  • Able to handle group meetings
  • Great mobile app
  • Sync with other calendars
  • Easy automated scheduling
  • Book recurring appointments
  • Free plan available


  • No mobile app
  • No API, although apparently, it’s coming soon

Although Trafft doesn’t have its own mobile app, it’s worth noting that the site is fully mobile-optimized. This means you still get a great user experience and can use the scheduling tools whether you’re using it on a phone, tablet, or desktop.


Prices start at $12 a month for up to 20 users, making it one of the most affordable Calendly alternatives around. Trafft also has a free plan for one user selling up to 5 services.

Try Trafft Here

3 – SimplyBook.Me & SimplyMeet.me

Tailored towards service-based businesses, SimplyBook.me offers a wide range of useful features. These include:

  • Accepting online bookings
  • Email and SMS notifications
  • Client and Admin app
  • Memberships and packages
  • POS systems

They also offer SimplyMeet.me as a simpler alternative for those who just want to schedule meetings.

You can set up various services on the platform and let people know your availability. It also has the added bonus of offering additional services such as client management, help with sales and marketing, and even a web design feature.

SimplyBook Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to integrate your bookings into social media websites such as Instagram and Facebook
  • Offers a range of versatile templates for websites and widgets
  • Monitor sales and business performance via their analytics section


  • Not the best customer support
  • Very few templates to choose from

For those that have a service-based business, SimplyBook.Me could be the perfect solution. It also offers tailor-made solutions, making it one of the best Calendly alternatives for those within the service industry.


Both SimplyBook.me and SimplyMeet.me offer a free plan. You can see how they compare here. Plans range from the Basic Plan at $9.99/month up to the Premium Plan at $59.99/month.

Try It Here for Free

4 – Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling Homepage - One of the best Calendly alternatives

Acuity’s software has been developed to provide scheduling and booking tools for service providers and small businesses.

The features included in Acuity’s product have been built to support businesses that often have to accommodate recurring events. However, it also provides the flexibility for scheduling irregular events.

For businesses looking to drive sales forward, Acuity offers a number of features that are potentially useful. This includes memberships as well as being able to offer vouchers and gift certificates.

The system also enables the vaulting of credit card details. This gives businesses the ability to store customers’ credit card details with a credit card vault. The benefits this brings include the independence of payment providers and a good system to manage data security.

Acuity Scheduling Pros and Cons


  • Able to manage bookings across different time zones
  • Able to customize to incorporate your brand
  • Can embed calendar directly onto your website
  • Easily coordinate group meetings
  • Integrates well with Google Calendar


  • Different types of appointments can make things confusing
  • The calendar can be tricky to navigate

Acuity is built to cover the requirements of scheduling appointments, while Calendly has a stronger focus on consultations. Simply put, Calendly can provide a simple approach without additional complications.


This appointment scheduling software offers 3 payment options from $14 up to $45 on either an annual or monthly plan. Unfortunately, it doesn’t offer the option to sign up for a free trial.

Try Acuity Scheduling Here

5 – Fresha

Fresha - One of the best Calendly alternatives

Fresha is designed as a marketplace for the beauty community, and it’s proving very popular. It’s one of the best Calendly alternatives for spas, salons, and even freelance stylists.

Fresha is a subscription-free platform that allows business owners to set up options for:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Payment processing
  • POS
  • Marketing
  • Online store and product inventory
  • Analytics and reports

Fresha offers low payment processing fees, and it allows business owners to manage everything in one place.

There is also a mobile app available for both customers and business owners to make things easy. This is a great feature that allows you to easily offer promotions and special offers to your regular customers.

Fresha Pros and Cons


  • Allows you to manage a range of payment processing options
  • Lets you manage an unlimited number of calendar bookings
  • Inventory control built-in
  • Free to use
  • Great apps for both the customer and the business owner


  • Doesn’t integrate with any other calendar apps or tools
  • You pay a 20% commission on new customers received through the marketplace

With the option to allow a salon manager to view the teams available in one view, it’s an easy way to manage the workload of multiple staff members.

It even allows you to process no-show penalty fees for those that miss numerous appointments. With the option to use it both on a smartphone and via desktop, it has something for everyone within the beauty industry.


The standard package is completely free and offers unlimited usage. However, there are a few extras you can pay for if you wish to do so. This includes sending optional marketing messages to your customers and paying a one-time 20% commission for any new customers you receive through the Fresha Marketplace.

Try Fresha Here

6 – HubSpot Meetings

HunSpot - One of the best Calendly alternatives for large sales teams

HubSpot’s meeting scheduler provides a straightforward tool for basic scheduling requirements.

It includes facilities to create individual teams using its sales hub which enables integration with the meetings tool. From this, you are able to extract information and data from HubSpot’s range of other applications.

This is useful for setting up meetings, knowing the data you need will be on hand. Contact module fields can be included on the app’s scheduling form, which simplifies data acquisition too.

HubSpot Meetings Pros and Cons


  • You can schedule blog and email content
  • Easy to track responses to meeting invites
  • Free to those already using HubSpot CRM


  • Limited capabilities if you’re not using HubSpot CRM
  • Doesn’t offer Book Now meetings

To help manage the workload and spread it across your team, HubSpot also offers its round-robin system which uses an algorithm to allocate appointments throughout your team. This makes it one of the best Calendly alternatives for larger sales teams.

HubSpot, unlike Calendly, does not offer its meeting tool separately, so this may be a factor if you are not intending to use all of the features of HubSpot.


Free! HubSpot Meetings is part of the HubSpot Sales Hub which is free to use. There are also paid plans available if you want additional features and access for extra team members.

Get HubSpot Meetings Here

7 – Doodle

Doodle was one of the earlier offerings to become available within the sector. It’s an extremely popular online scheduler for meetings offering surveys, polls, and easy-to-use calendar facilities.

The poll facility can make it easier to schedule meetings that involve many people, giving each person the independent means to forward times that suit them.

The survey facility also offers a great way to obtain and collate information or opinions from a large group of people.

A bookable calendar is great for making your availability known and giving people the ability to choose a time slot that suits them easily.

Doodle has a single sign-on facility and it offers access to a dedicated success manager to help with any information you may need or any issues you are having. 

Doodle Pros and Cons


  • You can set up polls to see when the most people are available for a meeting
  • Easy to create and edit different availability options
  • Good level of online support available


  • Additional charges for things like backgrounds and fonts
  • Many users comment that Doodle sends too many promotional emails

With support provided by a dedicated success manager, Doodle is a good choice for larger companies and organizations, particularly when the majority of their meetings are between internal staff or sales teams.


Doodle Pro starts at just $6.95/month per user. If you have a team, you will need the Team plan which starts at $8.95/month per user for up to 20 users.

Larger teams will need to inquire about an Enterprise plan.

Get a Free 14-day Trial Here

8 – Calendar

Calendar has been a prominent name in this sector for a long time. It is a polished solution that provides an easy-to-use, uncluttered interface to access its features.

This Calendly alternative offers features that will appeal to smaller users and bigger businesses alike. Offering access on many platforms, the app is available as a free version which can be upgraded to one of their payment plans as the needs of your business progress.

It offers the ability to see your schedule in different formats. This includes daily, weekly, or annually formats.

It’s straightforward to share your calendar with other users. Limitations of the free version mean meetings are limited to 5 attendants without a paid plan. 

It also gives you the ability to embed calendars within websites which can be useful. That’s a feature not all apps in this sector offer.

Calendar Pros and Cons


  • A good variety of features
  • Support for many platforms
  • Pricing plans to suit a wide variety of users.


  • Integration with other services could be more comprehensive
  • Meetings are limited to 5 attendants on the free plan


The Standard plan starts at $6/user per month, and the Pro plan costs $8/user per month. Calendar also offers a free-forever plan called Calendar Basic. 

Try Calendar Free Here

9 – YouCanBook.Me

Snazzy name aside, YouCanBook.Me boasts that they handle over one million bookings every month. This gives you peace of mind that they’re going to be in a great position to help you and your small business.

Having offered services for a number of years, they’re pretty established. They now also offer a range of features such as handling bookings in different time zones and allowing you to manage your team availability.

YouCanBook.me Pros and Cons


  • Able to handle scheduling for large teams
  • Allows you to customize booking pages and notifications
  • A range of booking pages
  • Varied ways for you to communicate with customers


  • Currently no mobile app
  • Not the easiest user interface to use

YouCanBook.Me is great for a range of small businesses and industries. However, most say that for those involved in sales, recruitment, or user experience, this is the perfect platform for dealing with all of your scheduling needs.


YouCanBook.me offers a 14-day trial for you to get started. After that, it has a simple pricing structure of $10/month.

Try it Here

10 – TimeTap

TimeTap’s online scheduling tool makes simple work of appointment bookings. It’s designed for medium and larger-sized businesses to provide a client-friendly solution that is both customizable and able to cope with larger volumes of staff in multiple locations.

Being both HIPAA- and GDPR-compliant gives businesses the reassurance that a secure system is in place that can be trusted.

TimeTap Pros and Cons


  • Text and email generation for client confirmation and scheduling
  • Automated scheduling for sales teams
  • Easy access to scheduling for clients
  • Sync multiple calendars


  • A pricing structure that follows staff numbers may not be effective for all
  • Some customizable features are hard to set up

The tool is available on Android and iPhone, as well as through Cloud computing and web-based solutions. The tool enables the automation of processes, with repeat appointments being automated and saving the time taken to manually enter details.


Professional Solo plans start at $24.95/month, and Team plans start at $39.95/month. TimeTap also offers a free starter plan for single users. 

Try TimeTap Here Free

11 – ScheduleOnce

ScheduleOnce is an app that is geared toward the scheduling requirements of sales teams, offering all the needed features in a package with a simple, uncluttered interface.

With an emphasis placed on its customizability while maintaining security and compliance, it does lack the level of integrations offered by the likes of Calendly. It also misses a few features like sales reports or AI assistance in reducing sales admin.

ScheduleOnce Pros and Cons


  • Easy calendar integrations
  • Built-in scheduling
  • 24/7 email support
  • Use custom branding
  • API and Webhooks


  • The calendar doesn’t appear on the home page
  • It can be difficult to use at first

ScheduleOnce is one of the more involved offerings when it comes to setup, but it offers flexibility and has good documentation to help you through the process.

The company also offers ChatOnce which gives your customers the ability to book meetings straight from a chat popup on your own website.

With affordable pricing and a free Starter plan available, it’s easy too see why this is one of the most popular Calendly alternatives around.


The Growth plan starts at $10 per user per month. This plan includes white labeling with your custom branding, APIs, and Webhooks, in addition to 24/7 support. There is also a free Starter plan for up to 3 users. 

Try ScheduleOnce Here Free

12 – Chili Piper

Chilli Piper is one of the most popular Calendly alternatives around. The ethos behind the product is to focus on generating sales and increasing revenue.

This means Chili Piper’s first priority is customer relationship management, while apps like Calendly focus on providing the client with a simple and quick method to book appointments. This can help sales teams get the meetings they need with prospective clients.

This is seen clearly in the way Chilli piper leads with CRM and follows on to workflow scheduling. Calendly, on the other hand, takes the approach of scheduling initially with a follow-on to sales.

Chili Piper Pros and Cons


  • Pre-book meetings via different calendar integration options
  • Lots of automated features to make life easy
  • Lots of integrations


  • Doesn’t have a range of analytic features
  • Not many options for processing payments

Meetings can be scheduled straight from email, your calendar, or via a chat window. The CRM-first approach also means forms can automatically be populated with the customer’s information. That makes bookings a far simpler and quicker process for clients.

Chili Piper also gives you the ability to use fully customized rules on task allocation. This is useful as it enables tasks to be assigned not only on availability but also on expertise and other custom criteria.


User licenses start at $30 per month, plus and monthly platform fees start at $150 per month.

Try Chili Piper Here

13 – Sprintful

Sprintful offers a different take on the problems often solved with products like Calendly. The package is aimed toward brand customization with your own logos and color schemes.

Unlike Calendly, you can use your own domain name. It also offers comprehensive options for sales teams including a team directory. It’s one of the best Calendly alternatives for businesses looking for a custom-branded solution.

Sprintful Pros and Cons


  • Ease of booking appointments on a shared calendar
  • Comprehensive scheduling options


  • No mobile access
  • A learning curve for setup


Prices start at $9/month which allows you to connect 4 calendars and benefit from both a custom domain and full customer support from the Sprintful team. There is no free option, however, a trial period is offered.

Try Sprintful Here

Which Are The Best Calendly Alternatives for Your Business?

Whatever the size of your business, managing your time efficiently is essential. This is not only for the smooth running of your business but to allow you to maintain a decent work/life balance.

The fact that there are so many good Calendly alternatives out there is great news. It means that whatever industry you are in and whatever your scheduling needs are, you can be confident that there is going to be something to suit you.

Getting it right is important, so spend some time looking into the options and ensure that whether you use Calendly or one of the Calendly alternatives, you have made the right choice for you and your business.

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