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27 Most Popular Google Apps for Business to Download In 2022


We’ve rounded up a list of the most popular Google apps to help you with your small business. Whether you need to get more organized or are looking for collaborative tools to work with your team, Google is the go-to developer for the top apps to increase productivity and boost your business. 

In addition to the apps developed by Google, third-party developers have taken some of the innovations and features of the most popular Google apps and gone one step further.

Through the Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) Marketplace, you can view all of the apps that were designed to integrate seamlessly with the top Google apps. 

Most Popular Google Workspace Apps

Without a doubt, the most popular Google apps are the ones released as part of Google Workspace. Launched in 2006, Google Workspace rebranded as G Suite in 2016 before switching back to Google Workspace again in 2020. 

These apps are specifically designed with businesses in mind. They aim to make working online productive and stress-free while also promoting easy team collaboration.

Below are the apps included as part of Google Workspace that are integral for any small business.

All of the most popular Google apps are available to download from the Google Play Store or Apple Store to use on your mobile device. 

1. Gmail

An app that needs no introduction, Gmail was first released way back in 2004. With more than 1.7 billion users, it is the most popular web-based email service in the world.

Personal users can register for a Gmail account for free and get up to 1GB of online storage. 

Businesses can register for a dedicated Gmail account through Google Workspace. If you sign up for Gmail under a business account you get:

  • Custom email (@yourcompany.com)
  • Advanced spam filters
  • Unlimited group email addresses
  • Google powered search in your inbox
  • Access to your email from anywhere
  • 24/7 Support
  • 30GB of storage

2. Google Drive

Another Google app that is available for free for personal use, the business version of Google Drive is definitely worth it if you have a large team or need the extra storage. 

Drive is Google’s solution for cloud storage. You can save all of your files in one place and access or share them from anywhere. 

Drive is one of the best Google apps to have on your phone, it means you can easily access all your files even when you’re on the go. 

With Drive, you can open more than 40 different file types and also work directly with Microsoft Word documents.

The business version of Drive means users get:

  • More storage space
  • Support services
  • Shared drives for your team

3. Google Meet

The Microsoft equivalent of Google Meet would be Microsoft Teams; however, Meet offers a better user experience thanks to the intuitive interface and more features.

Meet offers a secure video-conferencing solution for your business with encrypted video and an easy share link. 

Additionally, the app is fully integrated with the rest of Google Workspace so you can join a call directly from your calendar or chat and easily share documents and presentations. 

4. Google Forms

Forms makes it easy to create surveys or questionnaires and share them. You can embed them directly into your website or use the link to share them directly through email, Facebook, Twitter or other social media. 

Forms works closely with Google sheets, another great Google app, so you can access and analyze the raw data in real-time. 

5. Google Sheets

The ultimate Google app for business is probably Google Sheets. With Sheets you can create secure spreadsheets that can handle up to 2 million cells of data. 

Google has designed this app specifically with business needs in mind. The cloud-based structure means collaboration can happen seamlessly online and the integrated AI helps you analyze your data to make important business decisions. 

Sheets also features enterprise-grade security which helps keep your data secure. 

  • Manage permissions at the individual, group, or domain-level
  • Disable downloads
  • Set data expiry dates on your content
  • Prohibit cell copying
  • Data Loss Prevention controls

6. Google Slides

For business presentations, there’s no better app than Google Slides. You can co-edit in real time with your team and create beautiful slides with images, charts, and text. 

The dedicated app also means you can work on the online presentation directly from your smartphone or tablet. 

7. Google Docs

For all your word processing tasks, the Google Docs app makes creating and sharing files easy. Not only can you edit documents at the same time as your team, but everything is saved automatically and there is a full revision history to track any document changes. 

This app is especially useful if you use Google Chrome or have it downloaded onto your phone as you can set documents to be accessible offline. 

8. Google Calendar

Every business owner will tell you the importance of staying organized and being on time. Google Calendar is the ultimate Google app to help with just that. 

Google Calendar allows you to:

  • Sync multiple calendars
  • Create group calendars
  • Access your calendar from you computer, phone, or tablet
  • Embed your calendar on your website
  • Integrate with Gmail and other Workspace apps
  • Set event reminders

As part of Google Workspace the other apps included are: Google Keep, AppScript, Sites, and Jamboard.

Most Popular Google Apps Not Part of Workspace

Outside of Google Workspace, you can still take advantage of some of the other most popular Google apps to help boost brand awareness and market your business. 

Though these apps weren’t specifically designed for the workplace, they offer a range of capabilities that make them integral to any business. 

9. Google Maps

One of the most downloaded apps in the world, Google Maps is accessible through your browser or free to download on your Apple or Android device. 

Google Maps offers reliable and easy-to-understand directions to get you wherever you need to go whether it be by car, public transport, bike, or your own 2 feet. Google offers both visual and audio directions from your phone.

With a single tap you can even use Google search to check out businesses nearby. 

Getting your business listed on Google Maps is a great way to encourage your local community to come see what you have to offer!

10. Google Search App

Of Google’s mobile apps, their dedicated search app might not seem like one of the most popular apps. After all, we all know you can access the search engine through your browser. 

The Google Search app is not the same as Google Search Console. Check out our post on “what does Google Search Console do?” for more information on that.

However, the app offers a few unique features that make it worth downloading onto your Apple or Android device. 

The Google Search App allows you to:

  • Get personalized results based on your location and preferences
  • Search with voice capabilities
  • Search your phone or tablet contents

If you have an online business and want to find out more about different Google tools, I recommend you investigate Google Search Console and Google Analytics if you haven’t already.

You can also check out our article on Google Search Console vs. Google Analytics because these aren’t Google “apps” and I won’t be covering them here. 

11. Google Ads

For businesses that are primarily in the digital world, eCommerce sites, blogs, etc. the Google Ads app allows you to stay on top of your marketing directly from your Apple or Android phone. 

You can use Google Ads to monetize your blog or website by showing Pay Per Click (PPC) ads. You can also use Google Ads to boost awareness of your own brand by showing ads on other people’s sites or mobile apps.  

Find out How to Apply to Google AdSense And Actually Get Approved for more tips on how to leverage this app for your business. 

12. Google Lens

Google Lens lets you see the world in a whole new way. More and more people are adding Lens to their home screen because of its remarkable capabilities. 

Google Lens lets users snap a photo of something they like using their Android phone and instantly be shown links to buy online or browse related product listings. 

13. Google Pay

One of the greatest offerings of the digital world has been the ability to pay with your mobile devices. You no longer need to worry about carrying your wallet everywhere. 

It also means that you don’t have to have the physical card with you. The Google Pay app is a great way to share a company card with multiple people. 

You can also offer Google Pay as a method of payment to give your customers a fast and secure way to pay. 

14. Google Chrome

The preferred Internet browser for most desktop users is definitely Google Chrome. It’s the most downloaded web browser for a reason, offering:

  • Fast, user-friendly browsing
  • Safety and security
  • Seamless integration across multiple platforms from desktop computers to mobile devices

And the mobile app is no different. Most Android devices come preloaded with Google Chrome, but Apple users will have to install it themselves from the App Store. 

If you’re looking for your next business idea and are good with a bit of coding, check out How to Sell a Google Chrome Extension and capitalize on the massive following of Chrome users. 

15. Google Shopper

This Google app is integrated with Google Shopping to bring you a better overall shopping experience. In the app you can take a photo of the product, cover, barcode, or even search with voice to find exactly what you’re looking for. 

You can then compare the price of the product you want to buy across multiple vendors and read reviews.

16. Google Photos

A favorite app for personal use, Google Photos can actually be used with the rest of Google’s collaborative tools. 

Photos allows you to back up your photos to Google’s cloud and create or share albums with multiple users. 

For businesses that rely heavily on great photography (which, really, all businesses should—visuals are appealing to customers), you can keep all your product photos, cover shots, and team pics in one place. 

Google Workspace Marketplace

To get the most out of your Google apps, take advantage of Google Workspace Marketplace. This is where you’ll find all of the third-party apps that are available to integrate with the most popular Google apps. 

Best Apps to Use with Gmail

17. Sortd

This lightweight app transforms your Gmail inbox into a collaborative tool perfect for delivering excellent customer service, staying on top of sales and orders, and managing all the different tasks of your business. 

With Sortd you can sort emails into different categories, assign them to team members, and keep track of all the tasks that need addressing. 

18. GMass

GMass works to link your Gmail and Google Sheets to create a mass marketing, mail merge tool. With GMass you can:

  • Send out mass emails to any column on your spreadsheet
  • Schedule emails
  • Set up automatic follow-up emails
  • Declutter your inbox with automatic categorization
  • Run behavior-based campaigns
  • Access integrated email analytics right in Gmail

19. Wrike

With over 4 million total downloads, Wrike is an amazing app that integrates with Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar. Wrike is the perfect project management tool to get more functionality out of the most popular Google apps. 

Wrike offers a dedicated mobile app and is completely free for up to 5 users. 

The app allows you to create custom dashboards and workflows as well as team-specific automation. You can also take advantage of real-time chat and notifications built right into the app and share important information with your stakeholders. 

20. Copper

If you’re looking for a CRM tool that works with Gmail and focuses more on sales than any other CRM function, you need to download Copper. 

Claiming to have absolutely no learning curve and require no data entry—Copper aims to simplify workflows and encourage productivity. 

This app is recommended by almost all Google Workspace users because it is so well known for mimicking the intuitive interface and offering deep integration. 

Copper’s basic packages start at $19/month which can be expensive for fledgling businesses. You can definitely find cheaper, or even free CRM solutions but they won’t offer the same seamless experience with Google Workspace apps that Copper boasts. 

Best Apps to Use with Docs, Sheets, and Slides

21. DocuSign

Rather than printing out a PDF, signing it, scanning it, and sending it back—DocuSign makes it easy to embed your digital signature on any electronic document. 

The core service is free to use, though there is a premium version for businesses to take advantage of. The more expensive plans allow for multiple users, benefit from collaborative and advanced fields, and offer customized branding, shared templates, and team reports as well as a host of other features. 

DocuSign works seamlessly with Google Drive and also has a top-rated mobile app.

22. Lucidchart

The easiest way to create diagrams, flowcharts, mind maps and other visuals in Google Workspace is to use Lucidchart. 

Free plans only offer basic access and limited documents, but business solutions are affordable starting as low as $7.95 a month. 

With Lucidchart any contributing editor can create in real-time and work with other team members or clients to visualize a process or idea. 

23. Kami

Another amazing app that works effortlessly with Google Drive and enhances Google Docs is Kami. Designed with the digital classroom in mind, Kami allows you to annotate and collaborate on files online in real-time. 

You can sign documents, free draw, split and merge PDFs and do so much more with Kami. Even if you aren’t looking for something to use in a classroom setting, Kami is a valuable collaboration tool that goes beyond the education industry. 

Kami is a web app with a Google Chrome extension but does not currently have an optimized app for mobile devices. 

Best Apps to Use with Google Calendar

24. Calendly

One of the most popular apps out there to integrate with your Google workflow is Calendly. The app links with Gmail and Google Calendar to provide a simple solution for scheduling.

The idea is brilliantly simple. Avoid back and forth emails trying to determine availability with team members or clients and simply input your schedule into Calendly (or sync with Google Calendar).

Then, send a link to whoever needs to schedule time with you. You can even embed the app directly in an email or on your website. 

Once an appointment has been made you can set up reminders and even follow-ups through Gmail.

25. Koalendar

Similar to Calendly, Koalendar works as a smart scheduling solution that integrates with Google Calendar to maximize productivity. 

The great thing about Koalendar is that you can customize your calendar to include your branding and link each booking page to different calendars. 

Calendly and Koalender are pretty similar. Both apps offer free forever plans as well as premium plans. Koalender’s paid plans are more affordable but less suitable for enterprise-level business.

Comparatively, Calendly offers better Gmail integration, but Koalendar includes Apple iCloud integration which Calendly does not. 

Best Third-Party Apps to Use with Google Forms

26. Form Approvals

With almost 7 million total downloads and a nearly perfect five-star rating, Form Approvals is one of the most popular apps that you need to download today. 

The app allows you to transform regular Google Forms into interactive approval processes. Essentially, Form Approvals takes advantage of Google Forms’ existing capabilities and makes it more functional. 

Simply add approvers to an existing form, integrate with Gmail so approvers receive emails after each submission, and create multi-level workflows that fit your business. 

27. WhatsTarget

Online surveys are incredibly useful for any business. However, WhatsTarget takes that convenience one step further. The app allows you to convert Google Forms into WhatsApp order forms so you can take orders or receive survey feedback directly to your WhatsApp. 

With so many businesses turning to WhatsApp for an array of business communications, WhatsTarget is the sensible enhancement to Google Forms. 

This is a great solution for small businesses that are already taking orders through WhatsApp chat. Tracking chat messages or manually inputting data from WhatsApp into your own spreadsheet is time-consuming and liable to human error.

WhatsTarget automates this process for you and allows you to track data more accurately. 

Final Thoughts

When Google Workspace was first introduced, it transformed the way that people were able to work online. Since we have become more and more dependent on our smartphones and mobile devices, Google has managed to stay ahead of the game, offering its core apps available to download onto your home screen. 

Whether your business is online, offline, or still in your head, the most popular Google apps are integral tools to help you grow, collaborate, and lend a professional polish to your brand.

The best part is that you can take advantage of many of Google’s best apps completely for free.

Once your business has scaled and you’re working with a larger team you can opt for a Workspace business plan and encourage more creativity and productivity from your team by giving them access to the right tools. 

Additionally, even though Google apps offer a ton of unique features on their own, the Workspace marketplace gives you access to a range of apps that will enhance the capabilities of your favorite Google app. 

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