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Celebrate World Turtle Day With These Blogs About Turtles 2021


World Turtle Day is near and is celebrated annually in a variety of ways. Some people do donation drives to raise funds for turtle conservation. Others use social media and other similar platforms to educate the people about the importance of saving turtles. Teachers can use crafts projects and research activities to inculcate in the youth that taking care of turtles is an important task. Celebrated every 23rd of May, World Turtle Day’s purpose is to raise awareness on the measures that we should do to help these creatures survive.

It is such an interesting and enjoyable experience to write about turtles. This niche has so much to offer. Bloggers can choose to write about varieties and species. They could also opt to write about the turtle’s way of life, habitat, and environment. To create an impact, bloggers may even choose to join the niche to increase awareness. Bloggers could educate their readers about the impacts our actions can make that affect the population and life of these sea creatures. They could also choose to inform their readers what we can do to help them. It is such an inspiring niche to join.

Turtles play such a huge role in the ecosystem that saving them has become the mission of so many ecowarriors in the world. In fact, eco warrior or not, many people are quite passionate to save turtles in beaches in the world.

Here are some of the best turtle blogs we could be inspired for World Turtle Day:

The purpose of this website is to protect endangered sea turtles all over the world. They do so through tourism and educational programs. The See Turtles website offers a ‘conservation tour’ where travellers may opt to work with researchers to not only help turtles but also study them. It is an interesting fund raising technique.

The website is also filled with properly placed call-to-action buttons for different goals. One is to ‘help save turtles’ or ‘help save baby turtles’. Another is to see the ‘sea turtle trips’. And lastly, is to ‘donate to save turtles’. This is great since it is a conservation blog, the website is direct to the point regarding where the want to direct their readers.

This website is also a blog for the organization. The goal of their organization is to protect habitat and make sure that there are always people present to protect turtle (especially endangered species) habitat.

One of the first things readers see on the first page of the blog would be signing up for the newsletter and an invitation to join the organization. Other than that, there is also a button for their online store. One great thing about this blog is that the merchandise is one way for readers to have some sort of reward for reaching out a helping hand. However, for those who only wish to donate, there is also a well-placed button for that.

This is a simple blog about an individual’s experience about turtles. Since the blogger is very passionate about the sea creature, they created a platform where they could educate others about turtles. The blog is very simple and straight forward. It tells its readers about the different species, and other interesting facts and trivia about turtles.

This is also an organization that creates programs to conserve sea turtles. The main point of the blog is to keep readers up-to-date to the latest sea turtle news. It is a fun blog to read!

This is actually a website for the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre. It is a small turtle hospital that rescues, rehabilitates, and releases turtles with injury. They also perform researches about sea turtles. It is a good blog to read as it shows different ways on how readers can get involved in conserving turtles.

This is a German organization created to help turtles all over the world. One of the great things about this blog is the web design. It is colorful and the photography is incredible. There are videos to watch for readers of all ages.

The point of this blog, really, is to get readers to be involved in sea turtle conservation. Readers may use the website for the following: (1) adopt a turtle, (2) report a live sea turtle, (3) report a dead sea turtle, (4) help track a sea turtle and (5) report a sea turtle nest. These information are important for research. It may look little, but getting into this website can help turtles big time.

This blog may not be regularly updated by its writer, but it is quite interesting to read. There are posts about real-life people, and real-life experiences. This makes the turtle mission true to its existence. For a lot of bigger blogs, donating to help turtles is easy. However, you rarely see the people behind it and what truly happened with your donation. In this blog, they simply show readers how helping looks like – giving the readers an idea what their donation is worth. It is a very inspiring blog to read and be inspired by.

The blog starts with educating readers about what sea turtles are, if there are different types, and how important sea turtle conservation is. It is a very informative blog.

A charity established to protect turtles all over the world. One great thing about this website is the web design. The website is filled with impressive black and white photography.

It is a website for a specific conservation project to protect turtles all over the world. The immediate hook for readers is a call-to-action button on ‘naming and adopting a sea turtle’. It is a clever way of motivating readers to donate.

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