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Brand Builder’s Website Management 2021 For A Completly Hands-Off Biz!


Brand Builders are quickly becoming a one-stop-shop for all things affiliate, niche, and authority site related.

When they first started, all they sold were pre-made, ready-to-go affiliate websites. These are newly designed sites with content, just waiting for you to take them on and grow them.

Alternatively, they can custom build an affiliate website for you from scratch.

Brand Builders also offer a premium content service. They use native English writers and take care of the whole content process. From keyword research, through writing, editing, and optimizing, to uploading into WordPress, it’s all done for you.

They have an outreach link-building service as well. You pay by the DR, they do the outreach, create the guest post, and guarantee the link. Order as many or as few links per month as you like.

On top of all this, Brand Builders now offer a website management service. They can completely manage your site, leaving you with a hands-off business. What’s more, for a limited time they are offering the Niche Pursuits audience a 15% FREE increase in content for the first 3 months with any management package!

You can also book a free consulting call with Brand Builders to review all your strategy and needs.

Get 15% Bonus Content for the first three months with Brand Builders done for you website management services.

  • Content You Are Proud Of
  • SEO Optimization
  • High Quality, Niche Relevant Backlinks
  • Stress-Free Site Management

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Brand Builders Website Management

brand builders

The unfortunate thing about managing a website is that it often involves giving up a share of your website’s earnings.

The company managing your niche site will usually charge a monthly fee and then claim up to 50% of affiliate revenue on top. It can end up being very expensive, and you don’t always know what you’re getting.

The alternative to hiring a company is to hire a freelancer or a permanent staff member to manage your site. The problem with this is that the best website managers are busy looking after their own sites already.

Also, freelancers and editors don’t always have the breadth of knowledge that is required to completely run a website. They might be good at a few aspects of the operation, but not all.

It’s hard to find someone that has knowledge and experience in all areas from web design, content creation, link building, marketing, and all the rest!

That’s why a website management company is often a good solution. They have a team of people specialized in the different areas of running a niche website. But you don’t want to give up a share of your affiliate earnings, right!?

Brand Builders has a different model that works out much better for site owners. They work on a simple monthly retainer and won’t take a share of your revenue. It’s not even that expensive as they have plans starting at only $500 per month.

Brand Builder’s Plans

website management services

Included in the lowest tier package is (per month):

  • 5000 words of content
  • 1 backlink
  • SEO and revenue optimization
  • Ranking updates
  • Searching for affiliate opportunities
  • Growth plans
  • Website monitoring
  • Affiliate and ad monitoring

And as you go up the pricing tiers, you get more content and more links.

Brand Builders is also happy to create a custom plan just for you. They even state that ‘almost all of our managed clients have some sort of custom package.’

Everybody’s sites and circumstances are different, and Brand Builders understands you might need something special. You can find out more on their website or schedule a FREE consulting call with business manager Amel to ask any questions.

Remember that for a limited time they are offering 15% FREE extra content with all packages!

Who Needs Website Management?

Brand Builders receive inquiries about their website management services from all sorts of people in all sorts of situations. Really, any niche site owner can make the most of this opportunity to have less work!

However, here are some of the common types of people or circumstances that benefit the most from outsourcing website management.

You’ve Bought A New Site

If you have bought a niche site off one of the website marketplaces and need help with the next steps.

It might be the first niche site you’ve owned and run, and you’re not totally sure about best practices and how to move forward strategically. Website management could be the answer to help keep things ticking along.

You Don’t Have The Time

You might have all the experience that you need to run a website, but you’re all out of time!

This is one of the main reasons site owners turn to an experienced website manager as it frees them up to work on other projects. Managing a site can take a lot of time so it’s nice to shift some (or all) of this onto someone else’s plate.

You Don’t Know What To Do

You’ve either just started a new site or taken one over, but you don’t know what to do next.

A website manager can help generate content/keyword plans, evaluate affiliate opportunities, and work out a strategic site growth plan. If you need someone to point you in the right direction and help you along the path, this might be the answer.

You’re Not Making Money

If your niche site is not making any money, website management might be what you need to turn things around.

The right company can help you identify problems with your current site design, content, or strategy and resolve the issues. The reason your site isn’t making money could be a simple fix or it might take a bit of work over time. 

You Want To Set Things Up Right

Perhaps you have the niche idea in place, keywords to target, and an idea about building links, but you need help to set things up correctly from the start.

Brand Builders, for example, start by asking what your goal is:

Are you looking to grow side income, collect asset value, start your own brand? What does success look like for you?

Brand Builders

They work from there to get the results you’re looking for.

You Want Passive Income

Maybe you have the skills, the time, and you’re making money, but you want your site to be as passive as possible.

Hiring a company to manage your website is one answer to this!

The opportunity to make passive income is one reason affiliate marketing is so popular. You could more fully realize this dream by outsourcing your website’s management.

Why Consider Brand Builders?

brand builders before and after

You’re interested in finding someone or some company to manage your website, but why should you consider Brand Builders?

We’ve already shared that the pricing is very fair, transparent, and isn’t going to cost you a portion of your affiliate revenue or site ownership.

This in itself is good, but there’s more to BB than this – you don’t just want a good price, you want to know you’re hiring someone that knows what they’re doing!

The image above is a before and after snapshot of one of Brand Builder’s client’s websites. It’s of the site health audit tool in Ahrefs. This site had a ton of issues before signing up for a managed service package, and things were dramatically improved afterward.

With our Management Service everyone who wants their site managed by professionals can expect perfect SEO optimization, high-quality content, niche relevant backlinks, and basically stress-free site management.

Brand Builders

Brand Builders is backed with 10 years of experience, a 96% client success rate, and a whole team of people working around the clock to make sure every customer is satisfied and successful.

They are experienced niche website builders, content creators, marketers, and SEO experts who know how to get results. They strive to work transparently and ethically with all clients.

A big win for us is if you let us keep managing your site until the heat death of the universe!

Brand Builders

As the quote above hints at, they only continue to get your business as long as you’re happy. Therefore, they want to do everything they can to ensure the success of your niche site.

Interactive Dashboard

brand builders manage websites

All of Brand Builder’s website management clients get their own interactive dashboard.

This makes it really easy to see if the work they are doing is making a difference. It tracks things like impressions, page views, clicks, and other traffic stats.

brand builders reviewed

It also monitors keyword positions and changes.

It’s a good tool for monitoring your website as Brand Builder’s goes about fixing issues, posting content, and building backlinks.

core web vitals improved

If needed, one of the other things they can help with is site speed and other technical issues.

The screenshot above shows one of their client’s sites before and after they worked on it. Site speed and other core web vitals are much improved!

Brand Builders Approach

Brand Builders have a great approach to building sites and running them. 

For example, when it comes to creating content they do it right:

  • They use native English writers and editors
  • Outline content using SurferSEO
  • Writers must meet with proofreaders after the first draft
  • The editorial team puts on the finishing touches
  • Final content optimization with Surfer
  • Uploaded to your site with meta title, description, images, etc

The same goes with link-building, which (alongside content creation) is the most important aspect of running a site. If it’s done wrong the consequences can be drastic.

Brand Builders focuses on outreach link-building which results in links on real sites rather than link farms and PBNs. You can choose the pages you want linked to, the anchor text, and the domain rating, and they will do the rest.

Or, if you’ve gone for website management, you don’t even need to do this. They’ll take care of the link building according to the extent your plan allows.

You can take a look at their pre-made niche websites to get a feel for the type of sites they create.

They are built using the most recommended themes like Astra, have a simple, clean design, and are a pleasure to visit!

They can work with you no matter what theme you’re using and it doesn’t matter how old or young your site is. Their pre-made sites just give you a glimpse at the type of site they build and reveal that they are onto it!

Brand Builders Deal

If you need to free up some time, get some direction, or remove some pressure, Brand Builders might be the company to help you out.

Their website management service comes at a fair price, is very flexible, and can be extremely comprehensive, depending on what you need.

They have a deal running at the moment with a 15% increase in content for the first 3 months with any managed website package.

If you have any further questions we recommend booking a free call with Amel (pictured right). Ask any questions at all about Brand Builder’s managed website packages or any of their other services.

Remember that website management isn’t just for large, established sites. It can also be an option for new start-up sites as well depending on exactly what you are looking for.

Get 15% Bonus Content for the first three months with Brand Builders done for you website management services.

  • Content You Are Proud Of
  • SEO Optimization
  • High Quality, Niche Relevant Backlinks
  • Stress-Free Site Management

Check Out Manage Website Packages


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