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Jungle Scout Changelog: Latest Additions and Updates


Want to know what Jungle Scout has been up to lately? Check out our Changelog, highlighting all of the new feature enhancements we’ve introduced over the past few weeks.

And stay tuned for more improvements at the beginning of each month!

April 2021

Product updates

Product Tracker

  • Additional interactions and a new intuitive view for product tracking history
  • Improved table styling and alignment for increased usability
  • UX updates to accessibility and responsive tables
  • Refactored scrolling within the Product Tracker and column customization options
  • Save default views and preserve views between product groups

Webinars & Training

Million Dollar Case Study Season 5

This month, we wrapped up the latest season of the Million Dollar Case Study. Head to our YouTube channel to watch all the episodes from Season 5 — and keep an eye out for future updates on how the MDCS product is doing on Amazon.

March 2021

Webinars & Training

Amazon Keyword Research in 2021 | Step-By-Step Demo of Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker

This step-by-step webinar shows you how to leverage the full functionality of Jungle Scout’s improved Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker features to find winning keywords — whether you’re an aspiring, new, or a seasoned seller.

  • Get an in-depth demo of Keyword Scout and Rank Tracker
  • Learn when to use Keyword Scout vs. Rank Tracker
  • Get the newest updates for both features
  • Learn how to maximize your keyword potential on Amazon

Product updates

Rank Tracker

  • Improved loading speeds on the historical keywords graph and keyword list integration


February 2021

Webinars & Training

What Amazon Category Should I Sell In? | Jungle Scout’s 2021 State of the Seller Report

Don’t choose a product category on a hunch—let Jungle Scout’s data-driven insights help you find your next best-selling product. In this webinar, tune in to watch Lenny and guest speaker Leslie break down Jungle Scout’s 2021 State of the Amazon Seller Report. You’ll learn this year’s most profitable and least popular categories, as well as where we recommend beginners start their selling journey. 

Jungle Scout updates

Jungle Scout vs Extension – What’s the Difference?

  • Need a refresher on what your Jungle Scout subscription includes? We discuss the differences between Jungle Scout’s seller features and the Chrome Extension, plus how to use them to grow your ecommerce business.


January 2021

Product updates

Extension Overlays

New updates to Extension are here! Now you can conveniently view metrics directly on Amazon search pages, top 100 pages, and product pages. 

  • Search & Top 100 Page Overlays
    • View ASIN metrics directly on Amazon search pages and top 100 category pages as you browse on Amazon.
    • Customize your view to see the data that’s most important to you, like brand, price, monthly sales, rating, Listing Quality Score, and more.
  • Product Display Page Overlays
    • See important product information embedded directly on a product listing page.
      • View graphs of historical data like monthly sales, price, and rank as well as current data like product fees, category rank, and Listing Quality Score. 
    • Easily add products to Keyword Scout and Product Tracker with a click of a button.

In-App Listing Grader in Toolbox

  • We’ve added another Jungle Scout tool for in-app use! 
  • Listing Grader gives any listing a real-time rating to evaluate how likely it is to rank and convert sales on Amazon
  • You can also open the opportunity in Listing Builder to draft and optimize it with embedded details (product title, features, description)

Keyword Scout & Keyword Lists Table Updates

  • We’re excited to announce the following updates:
    • Usability improvements- improved table styling and alignment, UX updates for accessibility and localization needs, consistent interactions, and responsive tables
    • Enhanced scrolling on Keyword Scout
    • The ability to reorder columns and customize data within tables
    • Saving defaults and user sessions
    • Evaluate historical search volume trends
    • Improved data visualization

Webinars & Training

Launch Your Product in 2021 Webinar

Whether you’re just starting out or looking to expand your portfolio, finding the right product is often the biggest challenge for sellers — but it doesn’t have to be.

In this webinar, Lenny shows how to leverage Jungle Scout’s tried-and-true Product Tracker, Opportunity Finder, and Extension features to discover a new product in 2021. 


November 2020

Product updates

In-App Sales Estimator

  • We created a new Product Toolbox to house helpful features within the Jungle Scout app. We’ll be adding popular Jungle Scout tools to it for in-app use. First up is the in-app Sales Estimator, based on the popular Sales Estimator tool on our website. The in-app version provides instant insights into monthly sales for a given product category and Best Seller Rank. 
  • Everyone—Jungle Scout member or not—can continue to use the free Sales Estimator tool on the Jungle Scout website up to 10 times per day.
  • Using the new in-app Sales Estimator, Jungle Scout Basic members can perform 500 estimates per month, Suite members can generate 1000 estimates per month, and Professional members get access to 1500 estimates per month.

in-app Sales Estimator tool

Webinars & Training

Product Research AMA

  • Have a burning Amazon FBA question? Search no further: two of our resident Amazon FBA Experts, Rolando Galeana and Joe Cardillo, hosted an “Ask Jungle Scout” YouTube LIVE event to answer sellers’ questions about product research and other FBA-related topics. Stay tuned for future “Ask Jungle Scout” live sessions! 

Million Dollar Case Study: Season 5

For the past five years, the Million Dollar Case Study (MDCS) has been the go-to resource for sellers who want to learn how to sell on Amazon FBA. Now it’s back for its fifth season! 

What is MDCS?

  • A free video series that educates aspiring sellers on how to run an Amazon business
  • A step-by-step guide to finding and launching a product on Amazon in real time
  • Led by pro Amazon sellers on the Jungle Scout team, plus special guests
  • An opportunity for Jungle Scout to give back. All profits generated from MDCS product sales go to charity. So far, Jungle Scout has donated more than $150,000 to charities—including Doctors without Borders and Pencils of Promise—all from MDCS product sales. 

In Season 5 of MDCS, we’ll show you: 

  • How to sell products on Amazon with the private label method
  • What it takes to succeed as an Amazon seller in 2020 and beyond
  • Expert-level seller insights on running an Amazon business from Jungle Scout hosts and special guests


October 2020

Product updates

Review Automation

  • Review Automation: a first-of-its-kind solution that completely automates the Seller Central review request process for Jungle Scout users. 
  • Set it and forget it: eliminate the tedious task of manually requesting reviews on Seller Central. Review Automation automatically sends out review requests to all eligible orders so you never miss an opportunity to earn a review. 
  • Order and review status: monitor the status of orders and review requests. See your orders in an organized table view and identify trends with a graph of sent review requests over time.
  • Track time saved: Review Automation does the work so you don’t have to. See how many hours you’ve saved by automating your requests.

New Feature Support for India

Changes to Promotions & Email Campaigns

  • New Amazon TOS: Heads up! Amazon’s Terms of Service for customer emails are changing. To adhere to these changes, we’ve updated our Email Campaigns feature in Jungle Scout.  
  • We have removed the prescripted messages from Email Campaigns (effective 10/29), but you can still send customized email campaigns of your own and view past campaigns.
  • Moving forward, we recommend using our messaging in Review Automation to communicate with your customers about reviews to ensure your account is not at risk for violating Amazon’s Terms of Service.


Jungle Scout updates

Consumer Trends Report: 2020 Election Insights 

  • Election Insights: This report explores projected holiday spending among U.S. consumers based on key political events in 2020, as well as shopping preferences and behavioral differences between voter segments.

How to Sell on Amazon: Step-by-step guide for 2021

  • Start Selling: Everything you need to know to start selling on Amazon, all on one page. This step-by-step guide for beginners outlines how to start a business with Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).
  • Free FBA Guide: In addition to the content on the page, our FREE 99-page PDF is the most comprehensive A-to-Z guide to selling on Amazon FBA in 2021.


September 2020

Product updates

Opportunity Finder

  • Top Products Tab: displays a list of top-ranking products for a particular niche
  • ASIN Images: displays images for product opportunities
  • Connectivity to Product Tracker: users can add products from Opportunity Finder to Product Tracker
  • Seasonality Expansion: displays seasonality data for Germany, Spain, France, Italy, UK, Canada, and Japan
  • Seasonality tags: highlights ‘trending’ or ‘COVID’-related opportunities
  • BONUS – Connectivity to Keyword Scout: users can click through from a product to Keyword Scout

Product Database 

  • Variants: easily see all variants for a specific ASIN, rank, reviews, and product differences
  • BSR: distinguish between ASINs with shared BSRs & unique BSRs
  • Product Tracker: easily add multiple variants to directly to Product Tracker

MWS Sync Functionality

  • New Marketplaces: the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, India, Turkey and the UAE can now use MWS sync functionality
  • Supported Features: Inventory Manager, Sales Analytics, and Email Campaigns are now fully compatible in these regions
  • How to Connect: users with seller accounts in these markets can use the Europe region in our MWS sync flow to add these countries  as their primary marketplace

Firefox Extension

  • Firefox Extension: Jungle Scout is happy to announce the official release of the Firefox version of the browser Extension
  • Feature Parity: the Firefox extension has all the same functionality as the Chrome Extension

Keyword Scout 

  • Download Format: the Keyword Scout full CSV download via email has been changed to an in-app download

Extension Embedded Overlay

  • Direct on Amazon: see Jungle Scout ASIN sales data directly embedded into Amazon’s search result page
  • Fully Customizable: personalize your view to only display the data points critical to your business
  • Connectivity to Product Tracker: directly add products to Product Tracker in one click
  • Connectivity to Keyword Scout: directly look up an ASIN-related keywords within Keyword Scout in one click
  • ASINs: copy a listing’s ASIN in one click


August 2020

Product updates

Rank Tracker

  • Annotations: Add manual notes to each ASIN and have them displayed on your product’s graph
    • For example, you can create a note to state when you launched a deal on your ASIN; that way you can see the impact running a discount has on your product’s rank
  • Top 10 and top 50 search volume: From the main table view, see the total search volume for the top 10 and top 50 keywords your product is ranking for
  • Multi-select: Sellers with accounts connected to Seller Central can select and add multiple ASINs to the Rank Tracker at the same time
  • ‘Match to table’ updates: Sort your product’s data by rank and view up to 10 keywords at a time on its graph
  • ‘Select All’ filters: Quickly remove filters by clicking ‘Select All’ 
  • ‘Partial’ label to ‘In Listing’ column: A new label — ‘Partial’ —  now displays when a product shares at least one of the words within a specific keyword phrase

Keyword Scout

  • Added ‘Overall Rank’ column and filter: View your product’s position for Amazon’s sponsored and organic search page results
  • Full export: Easily download full keyword lists to a CSV file


  • MWS Japan: Jungle Scout now supports amazon.co.jp
    • Keyword Scout and Opportunity Finder: Both features are now fully available within the Japanese Marketplace

Product Tracker 

  • Historical data: See up to six months of historical product data
  • New fields:
    • Variant differences
    • Monthly revenue
    • Monthly sales
    • Date first available.


  • Firefox support: Jungle Scout’s fully-featured Extension can now be used in Firefox


Jungle Scout updates

Weekly Scout

  • Jungle Scout’s weekly newsletter: Relevant articles and reports, videos, upcoming events, and industry highlight to keep you up to date on the latest trends and tools to grow your business


Video releases

How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon During COVID-19

Changing times means changing consumer preferences. Join expert Amazon seller Lenny Smith for a webinar and Q&A on how to find products to sell on Amazon during COVID-19. Plus, learn how to navigate Amazon’s new 200-unit limit.

Get Ready for Black Friday

Planning out your Amazon Black Friday strategy, but not sure how to best prepare? In this webinar, Jungle Scout’s Amazon FBA expert Lenny Smith covers these three must-do strategies for success:

  1. Inventory preparation: Learn how to estimate how much inventory you’ll need
  2. Powering up your listing: What you need to do to rank on page one of Amazon’s search results
  3. Monitoring your performance: Checking ad spend and inventory levels to get ready for next quarter


July 2020

Product updates


  • Email subject lines: New dynamic alerts keep users up to speed with important updates 
  • ‘Sales Snapshot’: Get a financial overview of your business, and of your product sales, over time with the Sales Snapshot
  • ‘Sales Recap’: Get a recap of your sales, plus your profits and losses, for the last seven and/or the last 30 days
  • Comparative trends: Quickly identify sales performance over time 
  • Improved support: For mobile devices, including fixes for iOS Dark Mode

Rank Tracker

  • Historical data: Uncover which keywords have an established history of high performance, and those that don’t 
  • Preset filters: To see the most critical keyword data influencing your ranking strategy, check out our new preset filters
  • Keyword influence: Reverse-search your competitors’ ASINs to identify their high-traffic keywords and track the influence of each keyword
  • Comprehensive picture of historical rank: View multiple keywords related to one ASIN or a grouping of ASINs on one graph
  • Add and track keyword lists: Keyword lists and keyword groupings from Keyword Scout can now be added to, and tracked in Rank Tracker

Sales Analytics 

  • Profit Overview – Multi-product view:
    • See how your company-level profitability is broken down between your products
    • Easily identify product-level issues like high return rates and low ROI by comparing several products in the same view
    • New advanced sort and search functions have been added, with a customizable data selector


Video releases

How to Sell on Amazon 2020: YouTube Premiere

This is the ultimate step-by-step tutorial for those looking to learn everything there is to know about How to Sell on Amazon in 2020. 

Mastermind Series

Stay on top of the latest Amazon news, tips, and best practices with guest experts and become a Mastermind with Jungle Scout! We’ll be offering in-depth explanations of the latest information about the Amazon space, along with a LIVE weekly Q&A


Usability improvements

Resource Center

We’ve revamped our self-service options! Our more robust Resource Center now has an updated “Get Started Checklist,” a new module with comprehensive product walkthroughs, product notifications and more.

Navigation Redesign

We updated our left-hand navigation. This will provide users with access to more in-product screen space without the menu encroaching on the tools. 



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