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Content Marketing Certification: How Top Writers Are Making a Six-Figure Income


content marketing certification

We published a detailed guide aimed at helping you quit the rat race in 2021.

The article discussed a series of actionable steps to become a highly successful blogger and solopreneur.

Today’s blog post continues our ongoing effort to help you achieve financial success as a high valued writer and content marketer.

What is Content Marketing, Exactly?

Writers who specialize in content marketing aim to increase website traffic, leads, sales, and/or overall engagement. Think of it as a mixture of traditional content and persuasive copywriting, which ultimately helps drive higher conversions for clients.

As a result, this has become the fastest and most effective way to achieve financial stability and freedom for established writers.

Whether your job is to compose detailed ebooks or traditional blog content, you owe it to yourself to learn the art (and science) of writing content for the modern era.

That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to the Content Marketing Certification (CMC).

Content Marketing Certification Overview

Launched in 2018 by Smart Blogger’s Jon Morrow, this program shows you how to work with Fortune 500 companies and successful startups to put you on the path to abundant success.

But why is content marketing a big deal, and how does it differentiate from the content you’re already writing?

That’s a good question, actually…

You see, smart clients know that traditional content lacks the necessary persuasive “lingo” to increase engagement and conversions. On the other hand, content that sounds too salesy is a surefire way to scare prospects away.

Therefore, an increasing number of businesses now rely on content marketing experts to increase their finances and long-term success.

They need uniquely talented writers to strike the perfect balance between content that is relatable to the average reader, yet packs a strong sales pitch in a clear, natural way.

This is precisely where the Content Marketing Certification program comes in.

Certification Course Features

All of the above sounds great and all, but what exactly can writers learn through this extensive course?

Learn to properly structure your content to maximize its impact and help businesses achieve desired results

Master persuasion techniques through powerful storytelling to better relate to your audience

Leverage effective SEO principles to drive targeted blog traffic. In fact, clients have consistently reported healthy first-page rankings through the strategies described in this program

Learn how to compose insanely intriguing headlines that practically beg to be clicked and digested

Use tried-and-true strategies to encourage social media shares and help content go viral

Adapt a reusable framework to speed up your writing, all while delivering unique content that is thoroughly researched and backed with up-to-date information

Eye-catching formatting techniques that makes your content easily digestible and keeps the reader fully engaged from start to finish

Take your writing to the next level with ongoing support from fellow program graduates and experts (more on this later)

Hugely Profitable for Writers

As you can imagine, learning all of the above can (and will) take virtually any client website to heights they had only dreamed of.

Fun fact: Content marketing is expected to grow to a $412.88 BILLION dollar industry by 2021.

This number is up from 196 billion in 2016, which clearly shows how much clients value content marketing and effective writing as a whole.

This means that clients are eager to pay writers top dollar for their content.

We’re Talking Serious Numbers Here…

Exactly how much are clients willing to compensate writers? Well, let’s put it this way…

On average, students who successfully complete the program are charging at least $200 per blog post.

You read that right; $200 is the bare minimum you’re promised to earn simply for writing the type of content clients look for.

As writers keep advancing thanks to this extensive training, it’s not uncommon for many to charge $500 or more for a single blog post or a series of easily written content.

Take this student for example, who snagged a $4,000 writing contract solely thanks to the techniques taught in this course:

Content Marketing Certification

These results are not uncommon for those who successfully complete the course.

Just look at Jay Gross, a writer who effortlessly landed a $1,200 assignment…

Best of all, you can also use your newly acquired skills to boost your own blog or even start a profitable content marketing agency. The sky truly is the limit.

How the Certification Program is Structured

This extensive course is divided into three parts:

Part one: The training itself, which consists of everything previously discussed to massively boost your writing and income. This is followed by a rigorous exam to test everything that you’ve learned.

Part two: You will receive a personal endorsement as one of the top content marketers in your field. This is coming from Jon Morrow himself, the man who has taken companies like KISSmetrics and Copyblogger to new heights thanks to the very writing techniques you’re about to learn.

Content Marketing Certification endorsement

Part three: Receive six months of professional support. This consists of bi-weekly Q&A calls as well as access to an exclusive Facebook group, where all of your questions are answered through personal feedback.

Ready to Take Your Writing Career to the Next Level?

We simply cannot recommend the Content Marketing Certification program enough.

With 600 students and countless graduates to date, these talented writers have managed to earn a six-figure income (or greater) merely for writing the very same content they had always specialized in.

The difference, compared to those who haven’t yet enrolled, is that these students finally took massive action. They followed every step outlined in this program and immediately found a new level of financial success.

In fact, this certification program is so effective that you are guaranteed to land your first $200 article assignment (or more) within 60 days. And again, it’s not at all uncommon for this to be much higher (as most clients require ongoing content throughout the month).

Ready to start 2021 as a highly paid, highly valued writer and content marketer?

Join the Content Marketing Certification program, proudly recommended and endorsed by your friends at BloggingPro.

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